Banning Intentional Fouls

After the hack-a-Jordan strategy used by the Spurs in their series against the Clippers, commissioner Adam Silver has brought up the dispute on allowing intentional fouls or not. Silver has heard from Michael Jordan and Larry Bird that players need to learn to make free throws, which I agree with. Look, these players are paid millions of dollars to play basketball, and free throws are a part of the game. If they learn to make them, there is no issue. Why not use it as a strategy, though? While Silver said he thought it was an interesting strategy, his reason against it is that it makes for bad television. What? Well that’s an awful excuse, but they are all about those┬áTV ratings. Anyways, I do not see people turning a game like last night’s between the Clippers and Spurs off. It will be a hot topic between GMs this summer, which I think is a waste of time. Don’t change the rules because of a few players who can’t hit free throws.

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Top 100 Stadium Experiences

I agree with some of these, like the AT&T Center’s ranking of 13th overall and number 1 in the NBA. I believe the Bell Center in Montreal where the Canadiens play, along with a few other Canadian NHL teams’ stadiums, should be listed, though.

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Duncan Sends the Spurs to OT and a Victory

Although this blog is pretty much entirely hockey, I decided to create a section about big news outside of the sport for anyone interested.

After a tough December of 18 games, all against playoff teams in the West, which, like in the NHL, is much stronger than the East, and playing without 3 key players, the San Antonio Spurs finish off on a high note. Last night they came out with an OT victory, and all because of the work of Tim Duncan. This amazing tip in sent the game to OT, and I feel it was worth sharing.

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